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Yellow beer wort concentrate SM1-8

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Product Description:

Yellow beer concentrated wort SM1-8 into the yellow beer without hops concentrated wort SM1-8-1 and yellow beer with hops concentrated wort SM1-8-2 two kinds .

It is based on barley malt as raw material, made ​​of jet liquefaction and saccharification enzyme wort , and then concentrated by vacuum treatment and follow-up , in the production of beer replace some or all of barley malt and accessories.

Appearance: Light yellow to brown.

Aroma: pure malt has a rich aroma , no smell.

Taste: typical malt flavor , moderate sweetness .

Packing: 30 kg / plastic barrel.

Storage: Should be stored in cool, dry , ventilated, out of direct sunlight in a clean environment .

Shelf Life: Under normal storage at room temperature for 12 months.

Use : Because of the relatively high viscosity wort concentrate , the proposed pan disposed near the boiling wort in a mixer equipped with a stirrer , in a container with warm water and wort mixing , dilution, mix thoroughly by adding boiling pot in prevent the stick pan boil boiler coking .

Usage : Beer concentrated wort contains nutrients and flavor , taste substances with normal beer saccharification wort is basically the same , which is very rich in molecular nitrogen , can replace all or part malt and accessories, beer saccharification ability and improve equipment utilization , to facilitate the production and development of varieties of beer . Also be used for dairy products, health care products, baked goods , etc., to improve the taste strengthen their nutrition and health functions.

In the following cases , whole wheat concentrated wort with its unique advantages and characteristics should be the first choice for users :

Saccharification lack of capacity , particularly in the high season in order to increase production, the need to increase saccharification batch ;

Fermentation beer with a high concentration and dilution devices, especially dilution rate> 30% ;

High proportion of the production process when the excipients ;

In order to improve the taste and adjust the composition of the wort ;

In order to improve the development of new products, especially when malt aroma


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