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The boiling method for beer wort

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    When wort (beer raw material) have filled the boiling pot layer, began to heat , when the wort during filtration, boiling pot can keep at about 80 ℃ temperature, make the residual enzyme can play a role, after wash bad end, measuring the concentration of the wort, record the mix extract volume, then increase the quantity of steam, until the wort boiling.
    After the mixing wort boiling, on the premise of ensure wort don't spill over, can increase the steam and let it boiling, as far as possible keep the wort (beer raw materials) intense boiling, reach the state of the "waves" to promote the protein clotting. If the mixed volume small, not enough to evaporate in a fixed time, you can add a certain amount of hot water.
    During wort boiling, steam pressure control in 0.15 ~ 0.20 MPa general boil can achieve good effect
    When the  wort (beer) raw material boiling, check the solidification of the wort protein often, Especially after added the hops, can inspect with a clean beaker in the light, it must be added a hop more bright than last time. When reach the scheduled time, stop the steam if the wort concentration right, records the number of the after boiled wort, and calculate the boiling intensity.

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