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The chemical composition of barley and its role in brewing

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Barley is the main raw material for beer production, firstly the barley must be made into malt, and then it can be used for beer brewing.
According to the morphology of barley grain growth,barly can be divided into six arrises barley, four rowed barley and the two edges of barley.
One of the two edges of barley grain only have two lines of the grain, the skin is thin, it is full,with uniform size, high starch content and protein content, which is one of the best raw materials for beer production.
The chemical composition of barley:
1 starch
2 protein
3 cellulose
4 semi cellulose and wheat glue material
1. starch
Starch is the main chemical composition of barley, storaging in the endosperm cells. Starch content in barley accounted for 58% of the dry matter~ 65%.Starch granules in barley can be divided into large particles (diameter of 10 ~ 25 μ m) and small particles(diameter of 2 ~ 5 μ m) two. The high protein content in barley, the number of small particles of starch. In barley starch, amylose generally accounts for 17% ~ 24% of its content.
2 .protein
The protein content in barley height,  has a great influence in barley
germination,saccharification, fermentation and the bubble, flavor ,stability of final product.
the protein content of Brewing barley is generally 9% ~ 12%.
In recent years, due to the rising rates of starch materials , using high protein content of wheat beer has become a reality.
3. cellulose
    Cellulose accounted for about 3.5% ~ 7.0% of the dry matter of barley quality. Cellulose is not involved in metabolism in beer brewing.
4 .semi cellulose and wheat glue material
    Hemicellulose and wheat glue material accounts for 10% ~ 11% of dry matter of grain,which is the composition of endosperm cell wall, it also exists in the valley of the skin.
    Hemicellulose insoluble in water but soluble in dilute alkali solution. hemicellulose in husk is mainly pentosan and a small amount of beta glucan and uronic acid; The endosperm of hemicellulose mainly including beta glucan and pentosan in small quantities. Wheat plastic material on the ingredients and the hemicellulose had little difference in the endosperm, only the relative molecular mass was lower than those of a fiber, solubling in water.
    Hemicellulose and adhesive material of beta glucan in aqueous solution viscosity is extremely high. In the process of germination, good solubility of malt, beta glucan has most decomposition; poorly soluble malt, beta glucan incomplete decomposition, thus making the wort viscosity high, which is not good for the wort filtration, it will also bring beer an uncomfortable feeling. Beta glucan is also one of the ingredients that cause beer turbid.

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