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Domestic beer equipment is developing rapidly

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Without modern beer equipment, there is no modern beer industry, the level of beer production technology is an important symbol of measuring technology and equipment in beer production ability.
    Beer equipment mainly includes the following systems: raw material grinding system,saccharification system, fermentation system, wort cooling system,beer filtration system,electric washing,bottle fillin gand capping sterilization system,automatic control system,refrigeration system ,CIP cleaning system. After years of rapid development of beer equipment, its basic synchronization, mechanization and automation level are with the globle steady growth of beer consumption, the beer equipment production also formed a stable pattern.
    Our large beer enterprises such as Qingdao beer group, yanjing beer group,huarun beer group, Harbin beer group, chongqing beer group, zhujiang beer company, have used more and more domestic equipment, and even some of the long-term use of high-grade imported equipment enterprises is starting to use a lot of domestic equipment these tears, suggesting the rapid increase of domestic equipment quality, market image,brand also begins to build.
    Beer equipment can basically satisfy the requirement of beer industry in China, but with the development of the beer market, consumer demand for the product quality is higher and higher, requirement of beer technology and equipment of domestic beer equipment too.Companies need to seek new business opportunities in the steady precision in such aspects as structure materials, precision and durableness. They should invest in human resources, strive for greater breakthrough, so as to gain a foothold in the fierce market competition.

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