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1.What is the distinguishing feature of beer?

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Answer: Beer is the dialect of English beer free translation, it has the following characteristics: (1) is a kind of low alcohol drinks, every 100 grams of beer only contain 3 ~ 5 g alcohol , generally no more than eight grams (2) contains a certain amount of carbon dioxide, can form a fine white bubble (3) have a special and perfect bitterness(4)Has the higher nutrition value, higher calorific value and rich in nutrients
    The beer production cycle is not fixed, but according to the variety, process and change of equipment conditions, the short only lasts a few days, the long can reach more than 40 days.In additional, the concentration of beer (refer to the original wort concentration) change largely, it can be between 4 ~ 20 bx, which is rare in other fermented drinks

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