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China's grain imports could rise sharply as the International prices drop

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    As the world's largest food consumer, horizontal grain imports are expected to more than the previous year, because the international food prices fell sharply, encouraging China to actively import, even if China's grain output is expected to achieve the tenth consecutive year growth.
    According to analysts, China's imports of wheat, corn and rice are expected to grow, the domestic corn and rice production continue to improve, wheat production will remain stable or decline with the previous year.
    China's import growth will make farmers of America,Argentina and Ukraine benefit, Thailand will supply China with high quality rice in the past twelve months, corn prices of Chicago board of trade (CBOT) fell more than 20%, and down 14% of white rice prices in Thailand.
    According to analysts of Shanghai ,homemade food is difficult to compete with imported cargo because of the low price of imported goods.
    This year, according to China's ministry of agriculture, China's wheat production is expected to be the tenth consecutive years of growth, according to the national grain and oils information center, 120.6 million tons of wheat yield could reach the previous year this year, while private analysis says wheat production is expected to decline.

    According to the United States department of agriculture, China will import 4 million tons of wheat, corn imports increasing by 67%, to 5 million tons in 2013/14. China's imports may be increased to a record---7 million tons.

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