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The Description of Hops

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1. Standard typeface "90 type granules”, Product through crushing and squeeze the original flower.

2. Concentrated type: AKA "45 type granules" , Through rotary screen make the hops gland  precipitate from the fiber and 95% of alpha acid can keep  in the hops that only half weight of original flower .

3. Stable type: By mixed magnesium oxide with the hop powder and made into granules. Technical indicators are similar to the standard particles, but room temperature and the efficiency significantly improved.

4. Heterogeneous type: Heat the standard type   granules to 50 °C and stay for a week, alpha acid is isomeric completely, so as to greatly improve the utilization rate of hop.
Saving: Hops particles should be stored at 0-8 °C environment in order to maintain its best taste and aroma. Use immediately after open the package.

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