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The Relevant Methods to Identificate the Quality of Barley Malt

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    The quality evalution of malt can be divided into appearance, physical and chemical inspection indicators, the taste of the malt and malt fermentation performance.The past to measure the stand or fall of malt basically take an examination of appearance and physical and chemical indicators, actually malt quality of the final performance evaluation on the basis of all is the brewing malt, barley malt quality brewing good performance is good, the opposite is poor.
I  Appearance and Taste
1, The size of the particles hypertrophy, purity, and tidy, not the root of the inclusion, mans, there is no bug eat by moth mildew, does not contain impurities such as chaff.
2, Light yellow color and luster. Green, black or red color for the mouldy malt.
3, With malt unique sweet flavor, should not have mildew flavour, acidity, moist and smoked. Long storage time and storage condition is bad, will continue to lose.
II. Physical Analysis
1, TKW (Thousand Kernel Weight)
Grain is 1000 grains of malt quality, malt dissolution, the better, the lower the grain, the greater the loss also. Barley malt grain is commonly 28 ~ 38 g (water) or 25 ~ 35 g (dry).
2, The weighs of 100 litres
Said the degree of malt crunchy and dissolved, general is 40 ~ 60 kg.
3, The Ups and Downs Test
This is a simple method for the identification of malt dissolution case, dissolve all not sinking malt is better.
Reference is as follows:

Settling grain of < 10%
Very good
Settling grain of 10% ~ 25%
Settling grain of 25% ~ 50%
Settling grain of > 50%
4, The Test to Cut Off
Barley malt dissolve well, powder plasmid, opposite to vitreous grains.
According to the vitreous particle content of evaluation are as follows:

< 2.5% Very good
2.5% ~ 5% good
5% ~ 7.5% Satisfied
> 7.5% bad
III. Chemical Analysis
1, Moisture in commonly 5%, to below 8% after storage.
2, Saccharifying power, the light is in commonly 160 ~ 160 wk, a maltose forces when using amount of auxiliary materials such as rice, corn increases, the need to choose the saccharifying power of high malt.
3, The leaching rate refers to the leaching from the malt and dissolved in water station of dry matter of the percentage of dry matter of barley malt, the higher the leaching rate, the yield is high.
4, Saccharification time is an indicator of the indirect determination of amylase activity, simple and feasible. Excellent light big maltose time average less than 15 min.
In addition to the above several, several indexes such as color, poor powder extract, viscosity, degree of alpha amino acids, Kurt Bach value, etc.

Grade The sample grading standards
A Outstanding malt fragrance, taste, taste is pure, harmonious, clear
B Barley malt fragrance, taste pure, more harmonious, clear
C Malt aroma, slightly different taste, taste is pure, slightly cloudy
D Barley malt fragrance taste, taste is not pure, general, cloudy
E Barley malt fragrance, taste, taste pure, clear vision clear cloudy
     Brewing beer barley malt is the main raw material, composition of malt and quality directly affect the quality of beer flavor and, therefore, as large as the "skeleton" beer malt is not too much.

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